Tone Of Arc bring a glimpse of real musicality to the underground scene mixing techno, punk and funk into colorful explosions of sound. Their show is something rarely experienced on the dance floor consisting of San Francisco producer/life long musician/vocalist Derrick Boyd on guitar; bass and keys and his wife, vocalist Zoe Presnick Boyd. Their fully mixed slew of original songs consumes the audience with a sense of bravado and daring blurring the line between traditional live performance and the microprocessor-obsessed futurism. 

Tone of Arc push boundaries with their original dance-crossover sound.

On ‘Urgent Turquoise’ their first full-length album for Om Records, Tone of Arc take us on a 16 track sonic adventure comprised of 14 originals and two unforgettable covers (the already massive Spandau Ballet ‘Chant No.1’ and unforgettable Portishead ‘The Rip’). Styles upon styles are what we have on display here. From the standout first single ‘The Best Place to Fall’ to the sing along pop playfullness of ’Shutters are Shaking' and the KCRW - Garth Trinidad favorite 'Tear Drops on the Moon', the musicianship and creativity is on full display here. Every listen gives a deeper experience to the album, and new standouts constantly jump out, this is an album worth your attention!

Top 10 Electronic Album.


Featured Artist – Practicle Particles (Today’s Top Tune).
Tone of Arc serve up an eccentrically pleasurable musical melange.
Together they are a perfect performance piece leaving no one on the dance floor floor short of enthralled.