Laid back groovy head-nodding goodness for Mushroom Jazz lovers.

The first three singles from the long anticipated album from The Jazzual Suspects are finally here! Fans of Mark Farina’s now legendary Mushroom Jazz series will be familiar with the laid back, groovy head-nodding goodness! First up is 'Leopold!' Check out the video also. A visual montage shot on what appears to be the Bay Bridge. Chicano car clubs, glorious Bay Area weather accompanied by a solid groove that is “Leopold.” But that's not all folks, TJS keep the boom bap breaks and jazz keys flowing on 'Back Home,' the second single! This is classic head nod bliss for the headphone syndicate. Lastly, peep the newest one 'Popping Kerns!' Great chunks of Jazz set amongst the best of beats from a bygone era. If this is a sign of what is to come from these guys, summer is looking good!

The Jazzual Suspects, representing a back in the day Bay Area .. hard.