In 1989 Gabriel Rene and Mei-Lwun Yee were working on a hip-hop track in the Rene family studio. “The track was cool,” says Gabriel, “but Mei-Lwun and I couldn’t rap.” They asked little sister Gina Rene to give it a try, and the rest is history. It wasn’t til some time later that Soulstice finally materialized after collaboration between Andy Caldwell and Gabriel in 1995. "I knew the first time I worked on a track with Gabe that this was right. Making music with my brother was where I was supposed to be. The chemistry between all of us was so obvious and it was such a natural high whenever we'd get together" reflects Gina. 

Approaching production from a collaborative standpoint, Soulstice often developed many of the sounds and ideas they used from the freestyle sessions they originally became known for. Soulstice continued to refine their sound with emotive song writing and detailed arrangements. From playing to a few hundred people at 111 Minna St to playing sold out shows at the 1200 capacity historic Fillmore Theater in San Francisco, Soulstice have come a long way in their musical journey. “We live and breathe our music, everything comes from us. The song is king, it’s all about the lyrics.” says Andy. "Like a lyrical journal, I lay out my experiences and melodies to connect to the present in our music. I get the feeling that the whole band's lyrical ability to be so honest about the struggle of growing into adulthood really brings the listener in" describes Gina. 

In 2001, Soulstice released their debut album ‘Illusion’ on Om Records. Critically acclaimed by such publications as VIBE, Billboard, FADER, Keyboard and more, ‘Illusion’ garnered three major singles ‘Lovely,’ ‘Fall into You’ and ‘The Reason’ and was a #1 most requested album on KCRW. The album was licensed heavily for film and TV synchronizations including the shows Six Feet Under, The Shield and Sex and the City. A remix collection followed, aptly titled ‘Mixed Illusions’ featuring production work by Fila Brazilia, Miguel Migs, DJ Spinna and more. Soulstice toured the USA on the Sounds of Om Tour co-headlining with Mark Farina and went on to tour internationally as the Soulstice Sound System, a stripped down version of the live show usually consisting of DJ Mei-Lwun or Andy Caldwell on turntables and Gina Rene on vocals. 

After a ten year hiatus, Soulstice returned in 2011 with their long awaited follow up album 'In the Light.’ A collection of new and never before heard material, featuring the singles ‘Love Cliché,’ ‘Realistic’ and ‘Changes’ along with very first Soulstice song ever written ‘Alright.’ Plans are in the works for new remixes in the dubstep, house and downtempo genres from classic Om artists including Kaskade, King Kooba, FS, Johnny Fiasco and J-Boogie alongside Rocket Empire, Marty Party, Nightmares on Wax and more. Stay tuned for updates on