Squire’s “Truthful Groove” EP is a stunning showcase of deep electronic soul. He masterfully weaves psychedelic rhythms with etherial soundscapes unlike any we’ve heard before. The entire EP is a deep journey of dance floor rockers. Both heady and groovy, these cuts are sure to bring energy and character to dance floors across the world.

I’ve been playing Back In Time regularly in my sets and the vibe/crowd reaction is absolutely electric. The trippy electronics and inter dimensional vocals ride perfectly over the percussive beats to create amazing energy.
— Shiny Objects



Brooklyn quartet Body Language make a slinky brand of groovy, often moody dance pop with infectious rhythms.
Body Language aims to increase their profile with Mythos, an album fueled by so much funky goodness that it is undeniably enjoyable for the earholes.
— okayplayer
Since forming in 2008, the Brooklyn-based quartet has instigated some of the most enthusiastic dance parties in the indie-rock scene.



What happens when you mix dance music with hard-hitting funk grooves? The answer: Body Language
— okayplayer
Bubbling synth layers, and subtle intricate percussion, perfect for a feel-good night where flirting can be difficult to discern as love or lust.

Brooklyn’s Body Language has always embodied something of a sensual mythos. Since their inception in 2008, the band has been known for their restless pop experiments with a future-shocked blend of soul and R&B. With this release, Mythos, they continue to showcase their intimate music with lyrics of longing, desire and lost love. Mythos is seven new tracks and three remixes that carve through remnants of future-shocked R&B, bass and house music. While continuing to push their pop sensibilities into each track, Body Language clearly spells out their keen ability to bend genres to their will and to make their own. With new singles 'Addicted' and 'Can't Hang On', Mythos pushes this quartet forward even further into uncharted waters.

The electro-pop group’s sound brings back the early days of Madonna, evolved through the hypnotic techno mixes of modern pop.


Following the release of the aptly named addictive track “Addicted”, Body Language shares second single “Can’t Hang On”, a club ready track that showcases upcoming album Mythos’ blend of R&B, bass, pop, and house music. Though the band has been known for a signature blend of “future-shocked soul”, Mythos pushes the quartet even further into unknown sonic territories, making every genre they touch their own. The release of "Can't Hang On" comes complete with a Dub remix from Om Records founder Shiny Objects.



Just in time to keep the summer going just a little longer, Smoke N' Mirrors comes correct with a three track deep house sampler. Leading things off is the dark & mysterious 'Sam' from Jimmy V via a Jimmy V and S.pacini remix. It's a heavy trippy psychedelic affair and brings plenty of deep late night headiness. Up next is Sleight of Hands alum DJ M3 with his cut 'Voltaire' that comes sprinkled w/ old school trippiness over a pulsing beat that's sure to light up the dance floor. Last, but certainly not least, Om's head honcho Shiny Objects rounds out the set with his bouncy  'Bring on the Night' that wraps up the collection into a tight cannonball ready to blast through the remaining summer days. 


Shiny Objects brings you a heady tune that packs gritty, pulsing bass with dubbed out alien atmospherics. Inspired by many trips to the Sunset Campout in the mountains of California, Belden Lights embodies the psychedelic essence of this truly awe-inspiring gathering. The track packs a heavy vibe with classic rave breaks, converging as golden lasers sparkle on the trees. Those who’ve been to Belden will understand what we mean. Listen closely and Shiny Objects may just beam you up.

The B-Side “Something Special” is a heavy yet deep floor stomper more suitable for your 4AM sweaty underground expeditions. Enjoy!


On the new b-side ‘Lasting for You’ Tone of Arc dive into the chill depths of dreamy downbeat. As one passes through a psychedelic adventure in space and folding time, we get a glimpse of how life is not so rare at all but quite the opposite as every star, planet and gaseous cloud we pass is alive and moving endlessly changing sporadically without notice much like the song. Everything has its time and place. This song embodies that exact idea, to be played at just the right time otherwise you would miss it completely.       


Om Records presents the new single from Tone of Arc’s epic Urgent Turquoise LP. ‘Shutters are Shaking’ is a hook heavy sing along that comes rooted in electronic pop playfulness featuring versions for Radio and Club DJ’s including an instrumental. On the stand out bonus track ‘Lasting for You’ Tone of Arc dive into the chill depths of dreamy downbeat.


Om Records presents The Beautiful Sounds of Enjoyment, a collection of top tracks all wrapped up into one pleasurable package. Prepare to dive into funky indie electronic numbers mixed with the late night deepness from the house spectrum. 

First up, SF power duo Tone of Arc channels all things funky into the building party jam ‘The Best Place to Fall.’ Followed by the No Regular Play mix of Maxxi Soundsystem & Thrilogy’s dreamy ‘300 Vows’ – a bomb track! Taking it even deeper, Bear Mountain remixes Blackbird Blackbird ‘Tangerine Sky’ and turns it into a house tempo. Om founder Chris Smith (AKA Shiny Objects) comes correct with his first of two tracks, the epic interplanetary excursion ‘The Universe Unfolding.’ Rounding out the first half are Climbers remixed by Thugfucker and Nico Stojan with an 11 min deep house banger. 

Electronic music legends Groove Armada are up next with their Balearic Mix of ‘Set Me Free,’ a most played tune on Sirius XM Chill. Om classic artist Marques Wyatt gets his signature song ‘For Those Who Like to Get Down’ given the Soul Clap treatment. Tone of Arc return with their standout cover of Spandau Ballet ‘Chant No. 1’ – we don’t need this pressure on! Closing the album out are Wildkats mix of Germany’s Click Click followed by the heady Pattern Drama ‘Patterness’ and Shiny Objects ‘The Velvet Slide.’

World Premiere - Tone of Arc covers Portishead 'The Rip'

Tone Of Arc bring a glimpse of real musicality to the underground scene mixing techno, punk, funk, 80’s, and nameless styles much like Zappa into colorful explosions of sound. Their show is something rarely experienced on the dance floor consisting of San Francisco producer/life long musician/vocalist Derrick Boyd on guitar; bass and keys and his wife, vocalist Zoe Presnick Boyd. Their fully mixed slew of original songs consumes the audience with a sense of bravado and daring blurring the line between traditional live performance and the microprocessor-obsessed futurism. 

On ‘Urgent Turquoise’ their first full-length album for Om Records, Tone of Arc take us on a 16 track sonic adventure comprised of 14 originals and two unforgettable covers (the already massive Spandau Ballet ‘Chant No.1’ and unforgettable Portishead ‘The Rip’). Styles upon styles are what we have on display here. From the standout first single ‘The Best Place to Fall’ to the very odd ‘Baboon Baby’, the musicianship and creativity is on full display here. Every listen gives a deeper experience to the album, and new standouts constantly jump out as if to say trick or treat! Perfect for Halloween or cuddling up by the fire or dancing under the full moon, this is an album worth your attention!