The new Rocket Empire - Sky Float Sun LP is out now! Check the links below!

Sky Float Sun - what does it mean? It explains what flying is like, the experience of floating on the air with just you and the clouds and the sun outside the airplane window. The album is a collection of songs we worked on in multiple studios in Portland, Oregon over a four-year period. Each song has a different vibe and this is a result of not working in just one studio. 

After visiting places like Mexico, Belgium, Germany, Turkey and Hawaii, the experiences we had in each place helped inspire what is on the album. The memories of each place are replaced with sounds that will help keep those moments forever! We had amazing times meeting new people, trying new foods and being exposed to art and history.

There are songs that also represent where we call home, Portland. We wanted to make music for our fans that showed a different side ourselves. We both did a lot of growing up in the time from the last album, and this is what makes up the new album. Changes in environment and surroundings always bring new music and sounds and this is something we always look forward to.