Blackbird Blackbird

Blackbird Blackbird 'Visionary' iTunes Exclusive Listen

Blackbird Blackbird's new album Tangerine Sky contains some of most elegant material we've heard yet from the burgeoning SF songwriter/producer. Full of surprises, Tangerine Sky takes a creative approach to meshing a wide array of contemporary styles into something unique that can only exist in the now. This is futuristic electronic-pop that doesn't look back for inspiration, instead tying together elements of forward thinking hip-hop/R&B, space-age folk, and the meditative grooves of house and techno.  Here's the exclusive iTunes bonus track 'Visionary', a dreamy chill tune perfectly designed for headphone bliss.    

World premiere Blackbird Blackbird 'Rare Candy' (Tone of Arc Remix)

You’ve found yourself on the edge of what’s next for Om Records. Architects & Waves is a new album featuring 16 new & unreleased tracks recorded exclusively for the project exploring the intersections of Indie, chill-wave, minimal, down-tempo and disco. The album is the result of a tireless yearlong A&R pursuit to find some of electronic music’s most innovative new music. Get ready and dive in!  
Here is the world premiere of the amazing remix of 
Blackbird Blackbird by fellow indie dance San Franciscans Tone of Arc.  Their take on the track leaves the pop behind and takes a plunge into a darker domain complete with backing vocals and lush instrumentation.