The first single from 'The Royal Persuasion'

Feeler was written to remind ourselves why we dance, why we create and why we love. The common thread, no matter what walk of life or part of the world is that we are all feelers. Each soaking up the strength and raw decadence of our own unique experiences. Making our marks on the world with our interpretations of these experiences so that others may ride the wave. Driving the magic of human inspiration exponentially forward through time so the future is rich with creative culture. 

I am a feeler, and so are you.

For this tune we reached out to Jeromy Nail of Seattle who delivered an amazing rework of the original. We hope you enjoy the diversity of this release, and encourage you to dig into your own magic to create the art, literature and music that will surely inspire generations to come.

Stay tuned for the new Rocket Empire album, The Royal Persuasion, blasting off on Aug. 24th!!!