DJ Tennis Interview

By Ava Lisbona

The Up All Night crew were lucky to get an interview with DJ Tennis, as he doesn’t do them very often and now we know why: The way he answers the questions would make people be way too obsessed with him. Prepare yourself before you read these responses, you are going to love him more than you already love his music

1.  Tell us about your upcoming releases, we know everyone is anxious to hear about them…

Upcoming releases are many… I am working on a bunch of remixes (Little DragonPupkulies & RebeccaArt Department) in my studio in Miami at the moment and working on an EP on Life and Death for next Autumn..

Working also on an ambient project for movie soundtracks and special installations…

2.  Tell us about your past life as a world famous tennis player, and how much you miss wearing tennis shorts..

Tennis was my favorite sport… It’s fun and it’s about tactic and strategy and if you are good you can make a lot of money..

I was a very good player and I started getting paid $$$$ around the world…

I become way too famous and I was making way too much money that I decided to stop my career and become a computer programmer in Pisa. This is what everybody should do once the bank is overloaded.

I miss my Tennis shorts and I can only wear them when I am playing at Disco Knights in Burning Man

3.  Tell us what you think about this video: 

This is a behind the scenes of my last video “You Closed My Eyes” that leaked on the net… and this guy is the director…

I told him to focus more on the video than his experiments with Coke and Mango condoms. He kind of screwed everything up.

4.  For the sake of Up All Night, what are you 5 favorite after party jams…

My fave after party jams need to feature a Snare (or a clap) and a 909 hi-hat properly positioned in the arrangement… I remember once Thugfucker played Tubular bells in a Guy Gerber after-party in Ibiza and everybody started complaining because it wasn’t tech-house enough…

Then I realized that a hi-hat and a snare are necessary to make dummies dance.

My personal favorite after party Jams is Larry Heard - De ja vu (Mussaria remix)

5. What are you favorite things to do when you come to play in CA, more specifically San Francisco?

Hang with the Lisbonas … Smoke a Joint with the Hippies in Golden Gate Park… Unfortunately Hamilton Wright lives in LA now

6. Do you believe in Big foot?  if so, where is he hiding?

Big Foot doesn’t exist, everybody knows it… It’s like Santa or Bin Laden

I think I met ALF once at Cocoon Club in Ibiza (not sure) see picture below.

7.  If you could take one coarse to learn a special skill, what would it be?

Can you take courses and learn how to Teleport youseelf? Well I would like to learn that. Also because I am lazy and I need it to go to buy groceries or even to the toilet…

The worst part of being a DJ is sitting on planes all the Time… I am not complaining, I am just saying..

8. What essentials do you need on tour?

I need somebody who helps me to choose the right clothes. Everytime I end up in the coldest city wearing swimming trunks. Not that good in planning.

9.  Tell us your thoughts about Up All Night app

I know the Up All Night App very well and I like it a lot. Of course once the community gets bigger it becomes more and more useful.

****DJ Tennis personally requested ‘funny questions only’ so we didn’t mess with that request. We hope you enjoyed this, we sure had a great time