Architects & Waves - A New Generation of Music from Om Records

A Brand New Compilation Featuring the Next Generation of Om Artists - Out Today!

You’ve found yourself on the edge of what’s next for Om Records. Architects & Waves is a new album featuring 16 new & unreleased tracks recorded exclusively for the project exploring the intersections of Indie, chill-wave, minimal, down-tempo and disco. The album is the result of a tireless yearlong A&R pursuit to find some of electronic music’s most innovative new music. Get ready and dive in! 

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Kicking things off is the UK duo Solomon Grey with ‘Electric Baby’ remixed by Groves.  Deep heavy bass kicks over the brooding affair, setting up a moody introduction. 

Next up is the amazing remix of Blackbird Blackbird by fellow indie dance San Franciscans Tone of Arc.  Their take on the track leaves the pop behind and takes a plunge into a darker domain complete with backing vocals and lush instrumentation. 

In a double dip, Tone of Arc return with an original ‘Waiting Room’ combining a heavy synth / drum break over a fearsome hook by dual vocalists Derrick Boyd and Zoe Presnick

Keeping the vibrations flowing, Om’s behind the scenes mad scientist Shiny Objects returns with his newest concoction, the eerie and sensual ‘You’re My Fool’.

Track five is ‘A Lover’s Dream’ by Sandeman (one half of the deep house duo Wildkats), with vocals by Shiny Objects and Kidhead (Pillowtalk), this one has a deep hound of the baskervilles vibe permeating the atmosphere over a poetic narrative and rumbling bassline with tinkling percussion, driving keys and guitar. 

Keeping the momentum building is Days of May (the new live band featuring Andy Cato from Groove Armada on vocals)  ‘So Far From Salvation’ with a remix by Shiny Objects.  Be sure to catch Shiny Objects’ tip of the cap to Massive Attack at the 5:51 mark. 

Nearly halfway through the album, tempo gets a boost as Solaya (Solar and Aya) take over the controls with ‘As Is’.  Reminiscent of classic rave tracks from Orb or Rabbit in the Moon, Aya whispers over Solar’s ethereal house tempo that drifts with live percussion into a magical ambient banger. 

Next up is Italy’s DJ Tennis (founder of Life and Death) and Kidhead (Pillowtalk) with ‘The Last Page’ who deliver a radio hit that could easily see play on KCRW or Sirius XM Blog Radio. 

Not to be outdone, the UK’s new electronic music darlings Psychemagik deliver another standout track with ‘Chimera’ complete with heavy breakbeats and organ mixed with strings.

Long-standing Om artist Lance DeSardi returns with his new Phages moniker for ‘You’re Not the One’ complete with his own production and vocal musings.  

San Francisco’s Sleight of Hands ‘Not In Love’ takes a 1975 charting slow pop song by 10cc and gives it a nice disco jam remix with female vocalist Jesse Rennix (recently featured on the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack).

Closing out the album comes the official worldwide release of Shiny Object’s remix of Brooklyn’s Body Language ‘Well Absolutely, a fan favorite but only previously available as streaming on Spotify

Sleight of Hands return with track number two ‘All Night’ complete with banging remix by Downtown Party Network

But that’s not all, legendary dance floor rockers Groove Armada return with the smashing ‘Come On Go Out’ destined for deep house dance floors the world over. 

San Francisco’s Adnan Sharif puts the finishing touches on the album with his trippy deepnees in ‘Sky Toucher’. 

Last but not least, the goose bump inducing DWNTWN remix of Blackbird Blackbird ‘There Is Nowhere’ finally gets released to close out an amazing album of new talent in the Om Records family.