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Vision teller

When Abiodun of The Last Poets heard Azeem recite poetry at a gathering in Harlem late one Sunday evening, the elder rose from his chair, ceremoniously hugged him and said “You’re more than a poet. You, are the Executioner!” When Musician/Producer KABANJAK (Ancient Astronauts) and wordsmith Azeem (Om Records, Bassnectar) decided to  merge the artist’s private work with sound the only rule was - There would be none. Because Vision Teller is an album created without boundaries, it exists as one of those rare artistic collectables. Timeless, undeniable, and in a genre all its own.


Contact: Gunnar Hissam, 415-377-7467

Master: Om Creative o/b/o Azeem.

Publishing: Om Creative o/b/o Ismail Azim (Copyright Control) and Ingo Moell (GEMA)