Brooklyn’s Body Language has always embodied something of a sensual mythos. Since their inception in 2008, the band has been known for their restless pop experiments with a future-shocked blend of soul and R&B. The quartet’s debut 2010 LP Social Studies earned the approval of everyone from NPR to The New York Times to The Guardian, who compared the breakout release to early Madonna, the indie disco of Prelude Records and “CSS doing an impression of Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band.”   With their upcoming release Mythos, they continue to showcase their intimate music with lyrics of longing, desire and lost love.  Love and the perils of love have guided their message through the years while the twists and turns of their instrumental pop experiments carve a labyrinth to be navigated carefully.  Oftentimes dark and moody, Mythos pushes forth feelings of desire against ominous backdrops only to quickly veer back into the familiar and comforting.      

Mythos is seven tracks which carve through remnants of future-shocked R&B, bass and house music.  While continuing to push their pop sensibilities into each track, Body Language clearly spells out their keen ability to bend genres to their will and to make their own.  With new singles 'Addicted' and 'Can't Hang On' coming this Fall featuring remixes by Memoryy, Shiny Objects and more, Mythos pushes this quartet forward even further into uncharted waters.