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   Metro Edit Murphy
   California Love Edit Murphy
   Steppin Edit Murphy


Edit Murphy is back on Smoke N’ Mirrors with his 3rd original release. With strong DJ and tastemaker support on both previous releases; Brooklyn Nights and Need You, this new EP is guaranteed to achieve even higher heights!! “Metro” starts off with a chugging kick drum nestled underneath the steady pulse of gradating synth-stabs. Smooth vocals croon and shimmer with effects adding a splash of soul to Edit’s house-flavored sonic palette. Funk licks and a punchy disco bassline give “California Love” a sensual stride with a heavy dose of playful percussion and vocals that make this track a perfect peaktime jam. “Steppin” rounds out the release and shines with synth flares and a thick, funky bassline that call back to ‘80s electro-funk. Murphy’s take on retro-futurism is anything but trite, bringing the best out of nostalgia with fresh, feel-good vibes.

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