Fake DJ (The Remixes)


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   Fake DJ feat. Robert English (Junior Sanchez Remix) Camoflaug3
   Fake DJ feat. Robert English (Detroit Remix) Camoflaug3
   Fake DJ feat. Robert English (Dripping Wet Acapella) Camoflaug3


As DJ culture accelerates into the mainstream, a new generation of electronic music producers stand on the shoulders of giants, while pushing the architects and creators back into the shadows. The musical mission of Camoflaug3 (“respect your roots and know your art”) has led the two members (who simply go by 001 and 002 ) to make “Fake DJ”, whose serious statements both glorify the origins of house music while lambasting the mass of pretend DJs currently flooding the scene. Back to herald the virtues of true DJs, Camoflaug3 have released a remix pack to their break-out track “Fake DJ” .

The Junior Sanchez “Build Da Groove” remix has an energetic edge with layers of sultry chords and funky synth stabs. This spicy remix, full of attitude won’t let you forget that “you’ve got to build the groove!” emphasized by every heart – pumping beat. The “Detroit” remix gives the original a minimal rubdown and drags it through a sweaty underground, picking up a tech-y bass-line and relentless beat along the way. “The Dripping Wet Acapella” is the perfect tool for any old skool, true house head. Spoken by someone who truly understand the roots of the music and what was trying to be said: “ Robert English was born for this vocal and he nailed it in just two takes," Says 002 “it was just perfect.” Drop this one in to your set and let ’em know how you really feel.



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