Open For Service

Crazy P

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Song Title Artist
   Open For Service (Vinyl Edit) Crazy P
   Open For Service (Hot Toddy Remix) Crazy P
   Open For Service (Ron Basejam Remix) Crazy P


Crazy P return with the first single from their fifth and finest studio album ‘When We On’.

Already featured on Jamie Jones’ new Fabric CD and a firm favorite of the few dj’s lucky enough to have an upfront copy, the single comes with a DJ edit of the album version and superb remixes from band members Chris Todd and Jim Baron in their Hot Toddy and Ron Basejam disguises.
 Also keep your ears to the ground for extra remixes coming soon from a couple of big name house producers.

Open For Service is the opening track of the new album, which sees the band adopting a more back to basics approach and regrouping as a three piece of Chris, Jim and Danielle. It re-positions the band as the finest songwriters and live act on the house and disco scene and comes packed full of potential singles of which you will be hearing lots more of in the coming months.



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