Om:Masters by Fred Everything

Fred Everything

Release Type: DJ Mix

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Song Title Artist
   M.U.S.I.C. (Fred Everything Lazy Days Remix) Vincenzo & Lovebirds
   Dont Nobody (Hot Toddy Remix) Fred Everything, N'Dea Davenport
   Down To Love (Fred Everything Remix) Hot Toddy
   Read My Mind (SF Dub) Fred Everything, JT Donaldson, Mr. White
   I Want (Fred Everything Remix) Lawnchair Generals
   Here Come The Beats Fred Everything, JT Donaldson
   Lungs (Fred Everything Remix) Pete DaFeet
   Beautiful Connection (Fred Everything LAzy Days Vox) Frank Solano
   Here I Am (Fred Everything Lazy Dub) Fred Everything, Lisa Shaw
   Tawoumga (Fred Everything Petit Dub) DJ Champion
   Think About It Fred Everything, Oliver Desmet
   Simply Yes (Fred Everything Remix) Shur-I-Kan ft. Alexander East
   Just Talkin (Fred Everything Dub) Fred Everything, JT Donaldson, Magik Johnson + 2 more
   Mercyless (AtJazz Remix) Fred Everything, Wayne Tennant


Om Records proudly presents our newest DJ series, Om Masters. The first volume is mixed by Fred Everything who has been working closely with the label for over 10 years now. On this special mix, Fred takes us on journey through his own productions featuring artists like N’Dea Davenport, Hot Toddy, Lovebirds, Lisa Shaw and Atjazz.

Known for his diversity as a producer and remixer, Fred is also known for his energetic DJ skills constantly touring the world’s finest clubs like Fabric (London), Solid (Tokyo) and countless others. This is the first package that showcases all of his talents.



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