The One

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Song Title Artist
   Hot Momma The One
   Beautifulwonderful The One
   Christmas in the Summertime The One
   Pistolwhipped The One
   Milkshake Thick The One
   Drippin The One
   Superpsychosexy The One
   We Are One The One
   Hurt Me The One
   Dressed to Kill The One
   Ms Big Booty The One
   Masterpiece The One
   Chemotherapy The One
   Dead Roses The One


What would happen if you had a musical gumbo with Dillaesque Hip Hop Funkadelic Grooves and the soul of Motown in its glory days? You would end up with the newest addition to Om Hip Hop’s roster, called simply, The One.

With The One on vocals and Goeffrey on production, the outcome is some of the most satisfying evidence to prove that hip hop isn’t dead. But don’t make the mistake of just believing that this is just a soul vocalist or Hip Hop artist.

“SuperPsychoSexy” embodies the love of all musical genres in such a funky sexy manner that an orgy or two may pop off at any moment when songs like “Milk Shake Thick” or “Pistol Whipped” blast from the speakers.

Not much is known about The One and with good reason. Being an artist’s artist, he believes that the music should speak in ways that casually speaking about it wont do it justice. Coupled with the production synergy of Goeffrey, who The One admits is his “evil twin”, comes an artist not afraid to expand past any musical boundaries. The secret? He figures they don’t exist in the first place.



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