Weight - The Crush

Raashan Ahmad

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Song Title Artist
   Weight Raashan Ahmad
   Weight (Instrumental) Raashan Ahmad
   The Crush Raashan Ahmad
   The Crush (Instrumental) Raashan Ahmad


Om: Hip Hop is proud to present the first single off Crown City Rockers
front man Raashan Ahmad’s debut solo project ‘The Push.’ Weight produced by
DJ Vadim is a vintage boom bap production reminiscent of the early 90’s when
samples were used in raw form. On the Bside, Raashan delivers the bboy
anthem ‘The Crush.’ Produced by Headnodic of Crown City Rockers, "The
Crush,’ keeps true hip hop alive with Raashan’s unique lyrical cadence.
Make sure to peep ‘The Push’ in stores on 5/20.

Raashan Ahmad’s personal thoughts on ‘Weight’ and ‘The Crush’

Weight – “DJ Vadim made this joint, which to me was a dream come true. This
cat was one of the dudes that introduced me to ‘trip-hop’ in the late 90’s.
He sent me this beat at the perfect time. My rent was past due, moms was
ill, family in jail, I was getting sick and the pressure was really getting
to me so this absolutely spoke to me. The chorus says it all.”

The Crush – “I wrote this song after my millionth ‘hip hop is dead/dying’
conversation. The point kept coming up that the music/culture wasn’t that
serious and what was the big deal with some people and why do I get so
‘worked up’ about it. This song is my response, explaining why I’m so in
love with this music. One of my biggest criticisms I get is that I talk about
hip hop too much. Headnodic murdered this beat.”



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