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Song Title Artist
   Easy Going Down (Feat. Jennifer Karr) Home & Garden
   All The Same (Feat. Colette) Home & Garden
   Domesticated (Feat. Derrick Carter) Home & Garden
   El Cortez Home & Garden
   Someday (feat. Lisa Shaw) Home & Garden
   Endless Pieces (feat. Lucy Woodward) Home & Garden
   Body & Soul (feat. Mic Murphy) Home & Garden
   In And Out (with Chez Damier) Home & Garden
   Wanna Walk Away (feat. Lisa Shaw) Home & Garden
   Sunday Morning (feat. Mic Murphy) Home & Garden
   Braille (feat. Russel Taylor) Home & Garden


When writing, composing and performing the music on their debut album “Domesticated,” Tim Kvasnosky and Timothy Shumaker (collectively known as Home and Garden) knew it would be very close to their hearts. Their work “behind the scenes” (as studio composers, musicians) for other dance artists have garnered numerous number 1 Billboard dance hits. Some of these notable artists that have worked with the Home and Garden hit machine include: Lucy Woodward, Colette, Esthero, and Debi Nova. It only seemed fit that they bring in a few of these accomplices and others to contribute to their album such as Derrick Carter, Mic Murphy, Lisa Shaw, Jennifer Karr and Chez Damier

In their minds there would be no other way to accomplish this album than to bring on the folks in their lives whom they trusted and loved the most. So instead of being a producer-based album bringing in various guest artists, they chose to bring in their dearest and closest friends. With a history together creating breakthrough hits, Home and Garden pushed their limits when it came to producing their own album. Their process started as a formation at the piano or guitar with the artist, with the melodies and lyrics brought on later. It was all the love and creativity behind this record that truly demonstrates what a masterpiece it truly is. It represents more than just songs, but works of art that have timelessly been pieced together personifying a future classic for years to come.

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