San Francisco Sessions Volume 6

Inland Knights, Joshua (Iz), Olivier Desmet

Release Type: DJ Mix

Featuring: Swirl Peepz, Vibezelect, East Coast Boogieman, Missing Persons, Alexander East, B McCarthy, Oriental Funk Stew, Reggie Watts, Natural Rhythm, Da Sunlounge, Kinky Movement, Giom, Spettro, Town & Country, The Littleman, Giom, Toka Project, Ken ECB, Vernon

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Song Title Artist
   Multin Luv Swirl Peepz
   So what You Know (Original Vocal Mix) Vibezelect
   Mile High Club (Swirl Peepz Remix) East Coast Boogiemen
   Disco Dust (Jason Hodges Remix) (feat. B McCarthy) Olivier Desmet, B McCarthy
   Get To Know Joshua (Iz)
   No Pants Dance Missing Persons
   No More (LawnChair Generals vs. Rick Preston Mix) Alexander East
   Changes (Down to the Ground) Inland Knights
   Hot On Your Trail (Kinky Movement Remix) (feat. Oriental Funk Stew) Olivier Desmet, Oriental Funk Stew
   So Beautiful (Olivier Desmet & Oriental Funk Stew Remix) Reggie Watts
   Hands Up Inland Knights
   Uh Oh Natural Rhythm
   Cant Wait Inland Knights
   Chicago Da Sunlounge
   Feel Me (JT Donaldson Remix) Alexander East

Disc 2

Song Title Artist
   Freak Trip Kinky Movement
   Stolen Soul Giom
   Confusion (Diesel & Desmets Horny Rubdown) Spettro
   Love Could Be (LawnChair Generals Town Mix) Town & Country
   Silence Swirl Peepz
   Billy Boy Da Sunlounge
   Ghetto Shit Inland Knights
   Good Life The Littlemen
   Feel Me (Joey Youngman Remix) Alexander East
   Garys Groove feat. Chuck Diesel Olivier Desmet
   Hot On Your Trail (Frequent Fliers Remix) (feat. Oriental Funk Stew) Olivier Desmet, Oriental Funk Stew
   Be Free Giom
   Two Welfare Checks Toka Project
   Cant You See Da Sunlounge
   I Heart Boogie (Toka Project Mix) Ken ECB, Toka Project
   As Darkeness Falls (Giom Mix) (feat. Apple Rochez) Vernon & Dacosta, Apple Rochez, Giom


Om Records legendary San Francisco Sessions Series has always featured the best in underground talent. It has been the first series to successfully introduce the world to current dance electronic legends such as Mark Farina, Kaskade, DJ Garth, and JT Donaldson. This double-disc collection features two of the hottest house music producers & DJs in today’s dance music scene. This time around it’s mixed by fan favorites Inland Knights on Disc 1, with Olivier Desmet bringing it home on Disc 2.

Inland Knights show their fusion of funk and jazz, alongside dynamic percussion and vocal hooks throughout their mix. Their sound encompasses all styles of house, from dubby deep house, disco, and garage, to four to the floor tech house. They truly showcase their years of undeniable talent by fitting the perfect sound at the perfect time. A favorite among the likes of Mark Farina, Johnny Fiasco, and DJ Heather, just this simple fact alone has made them rising stars in the underground scene.

A San Francisco transplant from Belgium, Oliver Desmet is no stranger to the industry as He is a 17 year veteran behind the decks. He’s also found the time to produce and remix over 50 records. His mix is synonymous with Om’s signature sound, but he also brings forward different elements of his own style. From the smooth melodic deep end to the harder techier sides of house, it’s this forward thinking and deep house influences that truly fuse this set together.



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