Om Chilled Volume 2

Cates&dpL, King Kooba, Rithma, Samantha James

Release Type: Compilation

Featuring: Techno Squirrels, Bluemind, Grand Synthe, Stolen Identity, Hawke, Aaron Sontag, Nica Brooke, Midnight Music Co., Edison Gem, Hideo Kobayashi, Gil Tamazyan

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Song Title Artist
   Love Comes First Techno Squirrels
   Really? Bluemind
   Descender Grand Synthe
   Hey (Omganic Mix) Stolen Identity
   Garden Of Your Mind (Bluetechs Mountain High Mix) Hawke
   Inner Peace (Cates&dpL On The Wagon To Mars Mix) Cates&dpL, Aaron Sontag & Nica Brooke
   Black Swan (Vertical Mix) Midnight Music Co.
   Lullaby Edison Gem
   El Cortez Home & Garden
   Roke Rithma
   The Blissed Place Hideo Kobayashi
   Right Now Samantha James
   Linis Revenge Gil Tamazyan
   Big Ole King Kooba


Featuring 9 Exclusive Previously Unreleased Tracks!

Just in time for you to cozy up for the winter, once again, Om brings you Om Chilled Volume 2 for the connoisseur of all things mellow, funky, and seductively down-tempo. From the label that brought you the classic Mushroom Jazz and Om Lounge, Chilled features a collection of fourteen soothed out melodious tunes – perfect for satisfying your laid back mood.

The tracks come together flawlessly giving the listener a matured agreeable tone. Newcomers Techno Squirrels, start the album off with their drifting tune ‘Love comes first’. Its sweet vocals and symphonic chords set the tone for the rest of this perfect collection. Showcased in this collection are also tracks from upcoming Om releases from, Home & Garden, Samantha James, King Kooba, and Rithma. A slight upbeat note alongside their signature sounds solidify what Om accomplishes in this critically acclaimed series.

Om: Chilled 2 is the perfect discernable escape.

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