Loves Right Here

Black Spade

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Song Title Artist
   Loves Right Here Black Spade
   The Ship Has Sailed Black Spade
   Not For the Bullshit Black Spade
   Say So Black Spade


Armed with little more than his father’s extensive record collection and a Kurzweil 2000 keyboard, Black Spade makes regionless rap to warm the Midwest. His music is a melting pot of sounds from St. Louis by way of New York and Detroit and LA and everywhere that hip-hop carved a distinctive sound for itself. With a sly nod and a bit of reverence to music present and past, Black Spade’s production is full of burbling synths and off-kilter drums that knock like live instrumentation. Loves Right Here is a perfect example of Spade’s creative production and vocal mastery. Signing the hook, writing the beat and providing the first verse, Spade commands the spotlight of the industry. LRH is a perfect blend of rap and vocals over a electrified beat. The Ship has Sailed even dives further into electro-hop with an almost atmospheric background textured with vocal effects on the hook. It’s almost touches on being spooky in some regards, but brings it back with Spade’s native tongue raps. Not for the Bullshit displays a different side of Spade while he focuses his production style on a sample based concept. Spade lays down three commanding verses with guest vocalist Coltraine on the hook. Not for the Bullshit captures the mood of an mc that experiences the ins and outs of being a musician and the everyday bullshit that one must deal with. And finally, Say So is an J Dilla esq electro-soul track about the ever menacing battles of relationships. Spade croons the beat with an essence of confidence including a nice verse at the end. All four tracks are a great example of what his full length ‘To Serve With Love’ has in store for the world.



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