Sex Sells


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Song Title Artist
   Forward Rithma
   We Are Rithma
   Map Point Baby Rithma
   Extra Strength Rithma
   Lithuania Rithma
   I Wish I Could Be Beautiful Rithma
   Sea, Land Rithma
   Sex Sells Rithma
   Sex Jam Rithma
   Eye On The Titty Rithma
   The Feeling Of Sid Rithma
   Tell Me Why Rithma
   Put The Sound Around Rithma
   Lets Get Sick Rithma
   Along The Way Rithma
   Amy Mia Rithma
   Get Back Rithma
   Roke Rithma
   Dark In The Light Rithma
   We Wanna Go Home Rithma


“Rithma creates masterpieces that ooze of quality.” —XLR8R

“Packed with funky flavors Rithma is a sunny DJ delight.” —URB

Rithma, a free spirit in the dance music world takes his musical talents to the next level with his newest release on Om Records -Sex Sells’

His ideas are endless; and so are his possibilities. When Etienne Stehelin, aka Rithma hears something, it isn’t just a sound, but rather music. He takes “meaningless” things around him like a pot falling out of the cabinet, or a truck barreling over a speed bump and turns them into inspiration for his creativity.

Sex Sells’ is years in the making, and the integrity and quality of Rithma’s music have been exemplified in its evolution. This album perfectly embodies the quirky, raw, and sometimes progressive vibe of Rithma. “Sex Sells” brings forward all the elements that make Rithma who he is: dance, funk, blues, jazz and good ol’ rock n’ roll creating a fusion of timeless musical elements.



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