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Mark Farina

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San Francisco Sessions V.1

Song Title Artist
   Got The Bug (Sferes Horn Mix) Bougie Soliterre
   Happiness (Happy Club Mix) Rob Mello
   I Wanna See You Come Down (RKs Mix) DJ Rork
   Things We Used To Do (Disciple Remix) Mn2s
   Black Keys (Filtered Jazz Mix) Ricky Bradshaw
   Spring Fling Rick Preston
   Jammin (Stacys Disco Paris Mix) Stacy Kidd
   Spellbound (Mattys Soulflower Dub) Rae & Christian
   Sunny Cove (Tribute To Headlights Mix) Miguel Migs
   Somethin Else 2nd Shift
   Seriousfunkilla Busta Funk
   Jais Groove Sirus
   Bushes Markus Nikolai
   Nublado (World Style Remix) Jerome Van Rossum


Song Title Artist
   Intro Mark Farina
   Boca De Bondoneon Latin Impressions
   Salsa Fresca (Mustafa re-edit) The Sexicanz
   Future Signs Swirl People
   Work It Out Joshua (Iz)
   Rise (Jam Version) Kenny Carvajal
   You Suck Avondale Music Society
   Really Dont Stop Martin Venetjoki
   Seven of Nine Andrew Macari
   Vuelve a Casa DJ Chus & David Penn vs. Halo
   Jiffy Pop Brett Johnson
   Radio Mark Farina
   Yokoona Skateboard 2 Diz
   Dont Let Anyone Kicksquad (2) & Onlymatt
   Right On (Can 7 Taste The Music) Silicone Soul
   A Brighter Day Kaskade
   With You Sirus

Air Farina

Song Title Artist
   Take Off Mark Farina
   Love Makes Mark Farina
   Layover 1 Mark Farina
   Betcha Do Mark Farina
   Leave SF Mark Farina
   To Do Mark Farina
   Talk to Me Mark Farina
   Layover 2 Mark Farina
   Dream Machine Mark Farina
   Layover Mark Farina
   Fusbol Mark Farina
   Dropped Into Water Mark Farina
   We Gotta Go Mark Farina
   Gramma So Mark Farina
   Gramma Si (Late Night Mix) Mark Farina
   Layover 4 Mark Farina
   Travel Mark Farina
   Layover 5 Mark Farina
   Radio (Lost Baggage Mix) Mark Farina

Derrick Carter & Mark Farina - Live At Om

Song Title Artist
   No Farting In The Ice Fort (Jason Hodges Remix) Jacob London
   Vanguard Nights JT Donaldson
   The Session (DJ Freestyles "Move Ya Body" Remix) Jordan Fields & Roy Davis Jr.
   Speechless LawnChair Generals
   Conflict Cajmere
   School Of Acid Chris Carrier & Hector Moralez
   Old School Jam Jonny Rock
   Chicago Methods No Assembly Required vs. Jonny Kaboom
   Fuck Hodges (Dont No Nothin JH Mix B Jason Hodges
   Do What You Know Vibezelect
   Love Shit Martin Venetjoki
   Ribambel DJ Terry
   Tie Me Up (Chicken Lips Trax Dub Pt 2) Land Shark
   Dance Wit U Lavish Habits
   Revolution Toka Project
   Waxed Troydon
   Rock Da Houz Lil' Mark
   Thinking About You feat. Chuck Diesel & East Coast Boogiemen Olivier Desmet
   Alcohol (Deez Re-Edit) Thomas Sahs & Scott Pace
   Telefunky (B.H.Q. Low Maintenance Re-Version) Freaks
   When I Close My Eyes (Silver Haze Remix) Stark Miller
   Just One Look (Jacob London Remix) Moodlex
   Rimbambel (Bionic Bump Band "Zoot Toot" Remix) DJ Terry
   Freaky Mike (DJ All*Star & Don Disco Remix) Del Costa & Pedro Goya
   I Refuse Somore
   Through Changes Cricco Castelli
   Indo Silver Club (Part 1) Daft Punk
   Feel The Same (Sneaks Dub) Triple X
   Hot Soup Inland Knights
   Disco Mania Stacy Kidd
   Let Love Enter Stacy Kidd & Melvin Meeks
   Popcorn Jetseb & Aos One
   Simon Says Bounce Kings Of Tomorrow
   80s Throwback (90s Comeback) Freaks
   Computer Madness (DJulz Remix) Steve Poindexter
   Classic Vibe Backroom Productions
   Way Of Life (Sneaks Dub) Dave Clarke
   Breathe Dont Stop (Blakkats Blakacid Vox) Mr. On vs. Jungle Brothers
   House Of Mouths (Ds Piece Of The Pie Remix) Mike Dixon
   Fantasize (Ds Re-Edit) Rob Mello

House Of Om

Song Title Artist
   Dubalicious Lurob
   Stick With It Gavin Boyce
   Car Garage Bobby Valentine
   House This Uneaq
   In The Morning Kerri Chandler & Monique Bingham
   Garys Groove feat. Chuck Diesel Olivier Desmet
   Come Chill Vibezelect
   A Brighter Life White Collar Criminals
   Takil Soydan
   Right Now (Original Demo Mix) Freaks Ft Robert Owens
   Skeleton Keys Public Access
   Whats The Time The Littlemen
   Dont Stop Dis (Bryan Jones Remix) Gawron Paris
   Cosmic Melody Mark Farina
   Radio Tonic (Tommy Largo Remix) Neil Bainbridge
   Bleu King Kooba
   Picture Of A Loop Leon Louder
   Wrong Turn (Rhythm Plate Remix) Ben Armstrong And Randal Soeung


“I look at my job as a modern day traveling minstrel, to bring new music to as many places as I can, and expose obscure records that, otherwise, might go hidden.” – Mark Farina

Om is proud to present the entire house catalog from Om’s number one player Mark Farina. Celebrating the legend that is Mark Farina. The perfect purchase for old & new Farina fans alike.

Includes The Following Titles:
-Mark Farina “San Francisco Sessions”
-Mark Farina “Connect”
-Mark Farina “Air Farina”
-Mark Farina and Derrick Carter “Live at Om”
-Mark Farina “House of Om”



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