Bring Enough To Spill Some

Chuck Love

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Song Title Artist
   Long Way Down Chuck Love
   Livin At Night Chuck Love
   Back In My Life (with fourfeet) Chuck Love
   Bring Enough to Spill Some Chuck Love
   Something Right Chuck Love
   Get Me High (Album Edit) Chuck Love
   Beautiful Thang (with fourfeet) Chuck Love
   Beatdown Chuck Love
   Never Forget (with fourfeet) Chuck Love
   Bailando (feat. Estaire Godinez) Chuck Love
   Low End Chuck Love
   Next To You Chuck Love
   Soul Symphony (with fourfeet) Chuck Love
   Spread The Love (feat. DeMonica) Chuck Love

Disc 2

Song Title Artist
   Funky-Ass-Beat/Still Funky Chuck Love
   Turn On (feat. Jennifer Grimes) Chuck Love
   Hold On (Chuck Loves 666 Mix) Chuck Love
   Keep On (Chuck Love Top Coast Mix) Chuck Love
   The Grind (Chuck Loves Remix) Chuck Love
   Warrior (Chuck Loves Bangers & Mash Mix) Chuck Love
   Underwater (Chuck Love Bidness Class Upgrade Mix) Chuck Love
   About Us (Chuck Love Remix) Chuck Love
   Giveitupsista Chuck Love
   Got It (Chuck Love Remix) Chuck Love
   Learn To Love (Chuck Love Remix) Chuck Love
   Cheap Advice (Chuck Loves Cheap n Smoove Mix) Chuck Love
   Affection ft. DJ Heather (Chuck Loves Lo-Fat Remix) Chuck Love
   Feel (Chuck Loves Feel Up Vocal) Chuck Love


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OM Records is proud to present the debut full length album from multi -instrumentalist, vocalist, producer and DJ, Chuck Love entitled “Bring Enough to Spill Some” – a two disc collection of hits, never before heard exclusives, remixes and more! Disc one features fourteen original Chuck Love compositions to get you moving…including fan favorites “Beautiful Thang,” “Soul Symphony” and “Back In My Life.” Disc two is a DJ mix of Chuck’s highly sought after remixes and productions to keep the party going….starting with a live intro from the legendary OM party in Miami 2007 – and featuring Chuck’s remixes of Li’Sha Project, Tim Fuller, Ricardo Rae, Colette, and Andy Caldwell…among others. All tracks on “Bring Enough to Spill Some” were written, produced, arranged, and sung by Chuck Love (w/ the exception of guest vocalists). Don’t miss this incredibly talented composer/performer’s stunning debut album!

“Chuck Love has inspired fans, DJ’s and producers alike with his kinetic soulful production and musical live show.” — BILLBOARD

Featured in “NEXT 100” – URB

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