The One

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Song Title Artist
   BeautifulWonderful (12 inch Version) The One
   BeautifulWonderful (Vikter Duplaix Remix) The One
   BeautifulWonderful (BeautifulDuplaix Inst.) The One
   Pistol Whipped (12 inch Version) The One
   Pistol Whipped (Waajeed Remix for Bling 47/PPP) The One
   Pistol Whipped (Waajeed Inst. for Bling 47/PPP) The One


Look out world! Newly signed artist The One makes an attention demanding debut with his first single ‘BeautifulWonderful.’ Melodic guitar riffs fused with beautiful off key chords and flirtatious wordplay makes this single a delicious appetizer before the main course will be served this summer with the debut album: Superpsychosexy. Vikter Duplaix adds another layer with the remix by creating a lush and beautiful backdrop perfect for starting off a club night or chilling with that special someone. These radio friendly tracks have the commercial appeal that makes it easy to be added to variety of program rotations.

On the B Side, The One leaves the dance floor smoldering with Pistol Whipped, an unorthodox track of synthesized keyboards, hit hats and snare kicks that makes head nodding and booty shaking an involuntary action. On the remix, Wajeed brings gives Pistol Whipped an edgy up-tempo twist with neck snapping drums and regal horns. Unconventional vocals, orgasmic lyrics and an addictive hook puts both tracks on the must spin again list.



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