Back to the House

Mark Farina

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Song Title Artist
   Bringin It Back (GLA Mix) Mark Farina
   Bringin Tha Track Mark Farina
   Bringin It Back (Motto Mix) Mark Farina
   Borders Mark Farina


The “Back to the House” EP of all original new Mark Farina music comes just following his critically acclaimed new ‘House of Om’ mix. Fans of Farina will love this tracky, funky weirdness. It’s perfect to mix with. The first track, aptly titled ‘Bringin’ it Back’ (GLA Mix) reflects an old school cut up brand of house that incorporates a retro bassline complete with Farina’s trademark jack and odd vocal snippets throughout takin’ the dancefloor back to house music’s origins in Chicago. More classic than the first track, ´┐ŻBringin’ tha Track’ is the perfect old school mix track, complete with sparse driving beats and Farina cuts a plenty. The ‘Bringin’ it Back’ (Motto Mix) is more for late night mixing, when the party is really rolling and things are starting to get a bit faded. Perfectly bugged out and funky. Finishing things up, Farina presents ‘Borders’ a glitchy downtempo house tune with a bouncey feel that takes us full circle through the mind of the mushroom jazz master! Mandatory for anyone who loves to stick their chocolate in their peanut butter.

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