Dogg Starr Remix

Ladybug Mecca

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Song Title Artist
   Fred Everythings Dog Thang Ladybug Mecca
   Dogg starr (Joey Youngman Remix) Ladybug Mecca
   Hodges Junction Re-Rub Ladybug Mecca
   Fiascos Conduction Mashup Ladybug Mecca


Highly sought after for months, and unavailable anywhere outside of the top Om DJ’s crates. Now finally available as an official release, Digable Planets’ Ladybug Mecca is ready to shred the hip house dancefloor near you. First up is Om labelmate Fred Everything on the controls. He kills it with a beat that compliments Ladybug’s verses perfectly, and brings that extra boomp to get everyone moving. Next up is the Joey Youngman remix, a favorite of everyone under the sun it seems. If there weren’t three other bomb ass mixes on this single, this one would be worth having for this mix alone. Fuck Hodges! Just playin’, wow, this kid’s good! Sneak was rocking this one in Miami, and everyone was jocking him for it. No no no, Mr. Carlos Sosa gets it first. Now everyone can rock it. Hitting in the clean up spot, is none other than long time Om fam extrordinare Johnny Fiasco! Darker, and edgier than the other three, Johnny shows us that it’s all about coming with the electro rawness when it’s time to rock! Chicago, stand up!

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