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   Jimpster Mix Chuck Love
   Original 12" Mix Chuck Love
   Troydons Floor Shaker Chuck Love
   2 Cheap Tricks Mix Chuck Love


The second single “Beatdown” from the upcoming Chuck Love debut album “Bring Enough to Spill Some” is finally here! As is with all the recent Om singles, there are mixes on here for everyone’s dance floor no matter how you roll. The first track is the Jimpster Mix, which brings together some vintage vocal distortion with deep raw beats and twists them together in one big rolled up spliffed out masterpiece. Next up is Chuck’s original mix, extended for the DJ’s out there. Mixer friendly indeed with tons of fun trumpet play and a bassline that begs you to shake it fast. Fellow Om labelmate Troydon brings the tune into a big room club slammer, crank this one up! Last but not least is the 2 Cheap Tricks Remix by Tres Manos and GarcyNoise, a weird little quirky bit of broken funk that DJ’s like Mark Farina can’t seem to get enough of right now. Full of electro blips, and come on vocal sample, it’s just begging to be rocked! There you have it kids, and remember, knowing is half the battle.

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