So Far Feat. LT

Miguel Migs

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Song Title Artist
   Rasmus Fabers Farplane Vocal Miguel Migs
   Rasmus Fabers Farplane Dub Miguel Migs
   Erics Old School Revival Dub Miguel Migs
   Original Album Version Miguel Migs


As we head into a new year, Salted Music kicks it off with a bang delivering the first release of 2007! `So Far` is the first of many singles to come off of Miguel Migs’ highly anticipated upcoming artist album `Those Things` (which is slotted for a March 20th, 2007 release date). `So Far` features the lovely sounds of L.T. on vocals who you’re sure to recognize by her unique smooth and mesmerizing voice from Blue 6 hits `Sweeter Love` and `Love yourself`, as well as Big Muff`s `My Funny Valentine` along with countless other beautiful stylings.

On remix duty Rasmus Faber starts things off with a lively cowbell infused Latin flavored percussive vocal version. A strong builder that grows as acoustic guitars layer and glide over thundering beats that peak out with a chunky live bassline kicking in to make those hips sway! Already tested and approved by dance floor professionals around the globe, the Farplane Dub utilizes the same elements as the vocal but is geared straight for the dance floor with its peak time energy and building breakdowns.

Eric Stamile (who has produced for Cee-Lo and Gaelle) provides his Old School Revival Dub taking us back to the 80s with its bright saw synth chord progression and a dirty electronic synth bassline to spice things up a bit and rock the dance floor.

The `Original Album Version` showcases Migs’ quality production and song writing skills, with a stripped down and laid back classic soul sound infused with warm strings, acoustic guitars, live bass and a catchy vocal hook that will have you singing along, `we are so far and I’m taking a ride to where you are`.

Enjoy and be a creative individual with your own mind! Don’t follow the sheep and do your own thing!



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