Land Shark

Land Shark

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Song Title Artist
   LeShark Land Shark
   Dangerous Land Shark
   Indecent Land Shark
   Shake Me Land Shark
   Forces Land Shark
   Fear Of The Remake Land Shark
   Tie Me Up Land Shark
   Riot Land Shark
   Inter Transmission Land Shark
   Fear & Loathing Land Shark
   Can You Relate Land Shark
   Slippage Land Shark


Slated for worldwide release September 12, 2006 the self titled, full length album from Land Shark a.k.a. Lance DeSardi on Coco Machete/OM will shake up any preconceived notions held by fans of all dance, rock, electro and alternative sounds. Having last teamed up with Om Records for his 2004 San Francisco Sessions release…The Land Shark project is an edgy departure from Lance´s previous projects as an underground house music mainstay. Still deeply rooted in dance rhythms, Land Shark takes derailing hard left turns into the sonic realms of industrial, punk and electro.

Touring worldwide this Fall, performing LIVE…the Land Shark sound is sure to acquire a filthy, sultry, dark following…Angular synths, gravelly baselines, hypnotic live & electronic drums…His music defies gentrification.

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