Soul Symphony Remixes

Chuck Love

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Song Title Artist
   Livin At Night (Jimpster mix) Chuck Love
   Something Right (JT Donaldson mix) Chuck Love
   Soul Symphony (Groove Junkies mix) Chuck Love


After the success of Chuck Love´s debut Om EP: "Soul Symphony," we knew we just had to explore this artist a bit more. The first step? Well.. what you have in your hands actually: the "Soul Symphony" Remixes EP." Our A&R department has managed to round up three players at the top of their game to rework all three tracks from the original EP.. to help bring these cuts to new dance floors worldwide. On the A–Side, LA´s dream–team The Groove Junkies enlist a grip of studio musicians to take "Soul Symphony" to new heights. Their Soulectro mix is deep, driving, funky–as–all–heck house music.. geared towards the soulful house heads. Next, flip over for something that you will be seeing on Om more and more in the months to come: moody electro–house, this time by Freerange Recordings head–honcho: Jamie Odell in his Jimpster guise. Jimpster reworks "Livin´ At Night" (which was the unsung hero of the original EP), into an early–morning acid–electro party rocker. (As featured on the new comp; Electrolush). Last but certainly not least, JT Donaldson does an underground boompty rework of "Something Right." JT´s dub is the perfect long mixer – just let it ride.. till the kick drops halfway through.. and watch your dancefloor go ballistic! And next you might ask? Well you just better stay tuned. All I got to say is it´s a Beautiful Thang!

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