Pure Pacha 2005

Release Type: DJ Mix

Featuring: Pete Tong, Ralf Lawson

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Song Title Artist
   Galactic Ride (Ralf Lawson Rmx) Pete Tong, Ralf Lawson
   Open Your Eyes Pete Tong
   Deep End Pete Tong
   Synth Song (Munity Rmx) Pete Tong
   Situation Pete Tong
   Closer To Me (Original) Pete Tong
   Warped Pete Tong
   I Cant Remember Pete Tong
   Vertigo Pete Tong
   Zdarklight Pete Tong
   Shiver (Murk Rmx) Pete Tong
   Summer Moon Pete Tong
   To Be Or Not To Be Pete Tong
   Fiesta Pete Tong
   Step Over Pete Tong
   Just Bounce Pete Tong
   Rump Funk Pete Tong
   Be Thankful Pete Tong
   Your Body Pete Tong
   Put Ya body On It Pete Tong
   Rhythm Foundation Pete Tong
   Lust 4 You Pete Tong
   The End Pete Tong
   Empire Pete Tong


2 CD Set
For Pete Tong, his consummate involvement in all areas of dance music has made him a genuine household name in the UK; and in the US, his popularity is growing by the minute. With the hit of the 2005 cult classic film, It´s All Gone Pete Tong, (which Pete was the Executor Producer of…) his fanbase has only continued to grow. Considered THE most influential DJ througout Europe…Pete´s influential 15+ years at BBC Radio One has helped to make or break thousands of dance music releases across the continent.

Pete Tong teams up with the talents of Sarah Main, long–time Pacha Resident Femme DJ – to deliver deliver a sexy dancefloor–ready mix, that brings the energy of Pacha to life!

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