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   Lockdown (Original) Soulstice
   Lockdown (Soul- Tek Dub) Soulstice


Soulstice "Lockdown"This is an astonishing record…one which breaks down the boundaries of Garage, House, Soul and Funk! Soulstice show us once again that actual songwriting and electronic music can get along.

A soulful, lyrical masterpiece, Lockdown is a dancefloor stormer which destined to wet the pallets of purveyors of fine garage everywhere! Let me tell you another thing…this little fucker’s got a tasty B side too! The Soulstice "Soul–Tek" dub is space age broken beat house mix which is sublimely surreal. Deep, lush, hard and techy…all at once!

Please take Note:The illustrated cover image of the Soulstice "Lockdown" single was created, printed and packaged in July and Aug. of 2001, long before the events of Tuesday, Sept. 11th. All at Om and our affiliates are deeply saddened by the unconscionable terror of that day, and would like everyone to know that the image here was in no way created with any malice or political commentary in mind. "Lockdown" is a song about passionate, deep love and longing. We at Om are doing all we can to promote peace, love and understanding among all peoples, both individually and collectively. We sincerely hope more people will do the same.



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