Uncle Bubble

Ming & FS

Release Type: Single

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Song Title Artist
   Uncle Bubble ( 2 Step Mix) Ming & FS
   Uncle Bubble ( House Mix) Ming & FS


The New York based DJ/Producer duo is at it again with this prelude to their second full-length release, “The Human Condition”, an irresistible amalgam of hip hop, electro, garage, drum & bass and soulful house to be on Om Records. To wet everyone’s appetite, Colourforms Records releases the single “Uncle Bubble” – a garage banger that will definitely turn a lot of heads. “Uncle Bubble” is a down and dirty house crusher!

The track’s infectious motif will tickle your spine, while the raunchy basslines will grind your temporal lobe.The alternate – Step mix is an all out assault of distorted acid spears aimed straight at your 3rd eye.Yes, it’s true…the killer bees are indeed coming, and they’ve made their way far north of the border!



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