Soul Symphony

Chuck Love

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   Full Vox Mix Chuck Love
   Acid Wash Mix Chuck Love
   Something Right Vox Fix Chuck Love
   Living at Night Final Mix Chuck Love


Chuck Love (AKA Charlie Erickson) has found his calling. Behind the decks, and the microphone – where the groove is musical and solid…Good vibes flow out of the HI–FI as infectious hooks float, smoky chords punch, and solo´s fly, in this sensitive, yet effective beat–down for your head, your soul,and your rump.

Chuck has been gaining acclaim from his peers – such as Miguel Migs, Jay J, MFR & More…Now you’re sure to find Chuck behind the decks juggling vocals, guitar, flute, sawed–off black trumpet, percussion, and that weird little keyboard thingy with the huka hose on it, bumping through a largely original set that runs from lush chords and organic textures to straight up speaker freakin’ electro–thump.Voted in URB Magazine’s Next 100!

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