San Francisco Sessions Vol. 1

Mark Farina

Release Type: DJ Mix

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Song Title Artist
   Got the Bug Mark Farina
   Happiness Mark Farina
   I Wanna See You Come Down Mark Farina
   Things We Used to Do Mark Farina
   Black keys Mark Farina
   Spring Fling Mark Farina
   Jammin Mark Farina
   Spellbound Mark Farina
   Sunny Cove Mark Farina
   Somethin Else Mark Farina
   Seriousfunkilla Mark Farina
   Jais Groove Mark Farina
   Bushes Mark Farina
   Nublado Mark Farina


For volume one of this infallable series we´ve invited our boy Mark to do the honors. Blending it up smoother than chocolate pudding, he creates a sonic masterpiece that will bring you to your knees and back up onto your toes. Fourteen house heart stoppers that bump, funk and sway your worries away in a continuous mix from the man who seems genetically encoded with the gift to groove. Need we say more?



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