San Francisco Sessions Vol. 3

DJ Garth

Release Type: DJ Mix

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Song Title Artist
   Shadows DJ Garth
   Never Tell You DJ Garth
   Held Over DJ Garth
   Humanity DJ Garth
   Summer DJ Garth
   Shiff DJ Garth
   Burnin? DJ Garth
   Running Towards A Dream DJ Garth
   Back to Joy DJ Garth
   Bent Halos DJ Garth
   Rise Up & Walk DJ Garth
   Vai Minha Tristeza DJ Garth
   Dave on Guitar DJ Garth
   Ritual de Rua DJ Garth
   Past & Future Things DJ Garth


The series now speaks for itself serving up House music San Francisco style. Garth delivers no exception with this tantalizing ride from dub to club showing why he is one of the finest!!



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