No Hesitation

El Stew

Release Type: Album

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Song Title Artist
   Reign of Terror El Stew
   Coke El Stew
   Pelican Boots El Stew
   Brah El Stew
   Dim Slim El Stew
   T.H.T.S.L.E.E. El Stew
   Reef-ill El Stew
   Arab Mafia El Stew
   The Tower El Stew
   Surf Mission El Stew
   Darkside Whiplash El Stew
   Igloo Condo El Stew
   B-Boy Showcase El Stew
   Corn Leaf Smokin El Stew
   Toast El Stew
   Warrior El Stew
   Vintage El Stew
   Blu Kube King El Stew


This strange brew of seemingly disparate talents, coming together into a totally "Zepplin meets Mantronix, tripped–out earthling meets outer galactic being" excursion into sounds. Consisting of: DJ Disk of the World Champion Invisbl Scratch Picklz: Brain, the drummer for Primus: Buckethead, an ingenious guitarist: Eddie Def of the scratching crew Space Travelers as well as producer/DJ Extrakd.



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