Hijack the Disco

Ming & FS

Release Type: Single

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Song Title Artist
   Roller 3A Ming & FS
   Brain Dead Amphibian Twins Ming & FS
   Hijack the Disco feat. TC Izlam Ming & FS
   Electro Space Modulator Ming & FS


The duo known for innovating the Junkyard sound, serve it up raw with a fist full of those tasty Hells Kitchen beats. Roller 3A commands the floor with its Hardstep beats and rolling baselines. As this frenetic roller soars to its apex, the floor drops out as Ming & FS hit you with their trademark halftime headnod break. Take a breath cause you’re about to take another shot to the gut with the turntablist treat, Brain-Dead Amphibian Twins. A junkyard classic to say the least — and oh yea that guitar isn’t sampled!

The B-side says no less as Zulu Nation spokesman TC-Izlam joins the crew as the duo return to the renegade party days that spawned break beat culture. Old School, 1 take and straight of the dome- Hijack the Disco, with its bass heavy breaks, live instruments and madman TC-Izlam, keep it live and direct!! Hey wipe that drool of your face, dessert is served´┐Ż Electro-Space Modulator — need we say more!!!



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