Future Tropic

Afro Mystik

Release Type: Album

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Song Title Artist
   Future Tropic Afro Mystik
   Samba de Rua Afro Mystik
   Shoplift The Future Afro Mystik
   Polyrhythms Afro Mystik
   Move It Out Afro Mystik
   Inner Space Sonata Afro Mystik
   Ritual de Rua Afro Mystik
   Devious Rhythms Afro Mystik
   Trivia Terrorist Afro Mystik
   South Afro Mystik
   Dont Stop Dreaming Afro Mystik
   Tide Pools Afro Mystik
   Urban Euphoric Afro Mystik


Bay Area´s Afro Mystik artfully takes the dizzying beatscapes of primitive tribal rhythms and sutures them to the electronic sounds of the future. This single is a delicious introduction to the innovative combination of afro–cuban soul with left field samples and electronics. The collective is comprised of: Liana Young, vocals; Trevor Dunn, bass; Simone White, drums; Carlos Araiza, percussion; Chris Smith, samples and production.



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