Om Lounge, Vol. 2

Release Type: Compilation

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Song Title Artist
   Illicity Part 1 Extended Spirit
   President Chimp Toe Fila Brazillia
   All This Nail
   Whats Your Number? Ian Pooley
   Your Girl Blue States
   Humid Callisto
   Le Booty Cinematique J Boogie's Dubtronic Science
   Bonus Round Ming & FS
   Dont You Cry Gabriel Rene
   Where Are You? Soulstice
   Rug Munch Swag
   Absynthesis Gabriel Rene
   Tidepools Afro Mystik
   Sin Musica Andy Caldwell


Soaring on in the tradition where Volume 1 left off. Om Lounge 2 further explores the futuristic realms of high performance atmospherics, rhythms, and internationally influenced electronic beats. Delivering the mid–tempo beats this go around are: Fila Brazilia, Nail, Ian Pooley, Extended Spirit, Blue States, Callisto, J–Boogie´s Dubtronic Science, Ming & FS, Gabriel Rene, Soulstice, Swag, Afro mystik and Andy Caldwell.

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