Human Condition

Ming & FS

Release Type: Album

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Song Title Artist
   Shalom Ming & FS
   Intro To Life Ming & FS
   Etcha Scratch Ming & FS
   Freak Ming & FS
   Some Die (Some Come Up) Ming & FS
   Captain Omrays Mumble Box Ming & FS
   Uncle Bubble Ming & FS
   Like a White Girl Ming & FS
   Simple Mathematics Ming & FS
   The Human Condition Ming & FS
   Head Case Ming & FS
   High Pursuit Ming & FS
   I Told You Ming & FS
   Proof Positive Ming & FS
   Momer Ming & FS
   Is There Honey? Ming & FS


The New York based DJ/Producer duo is at it again with their second full–length release, The Human Condition – An irresistible amalgam of hip–hop, electro, two–step garage, drums ´n´ bass and soulful house. Ming & FS now bring forward their testament to where electronic music is headed with "The Human Condition" and turn the tired into the inspired.



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