Tangerine Sky

Blackbird Blackbird

Release Type: Digital

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Song Title Artist
   Tangerine Sky Blackbird Blackbird
   Love Unlimited Blackbird Blackbird
   Feel It In My Bones Blackbird Blackbird
   Darlin Dear Blackbird Blackbird
   There Is Nowhere Blackbird Blackbird
   Treehouse Blackbird Blackbird
   Summers Almost Here Blackbird Blackbird
   Polaris Blackbird Blackbird
   Rare Candy Blackbird Blackbird
   Beasts Blackbird Blackbird
   Grow Old with Me (Dont Let Go) Blackbird Blackbird


Blackbird Blackbird’s new album Tangerine Sky contains some of most elegant material we’ve heard yet from the prolific SF songwriter/producer. Full of surprises, Tangerine Sky takes a creative approach to meshing a wide array of contemporary styles into something unique that can only exist in the now. This is futuristic electronic-pop that doesn’t look back for inspiration, instead tying together elements of forward thinking hip-hop/R&B, space-age folk, and the meditative grooves of house and techno. Tangerine Sky’s first offering, the deconstructed melancholic soul of “There Is Nowhere” sounds unlike any other Blackbird Blackbird song we’ve heard before exploring contemporary pop/R&B’s radio dials. While it’s an album of new material, many of these songs have been road-tested during Blackbird Blackbird’s busy touring schedule in the last year. In many ways, the album feels like a collection of fan favorites including the sparkling synthwork and subdued guitar jangle of “Rare Candy” and “Darlin Dear.” The smooth, “Love Unlimited” feels almost weightless with floating atmosphere and subtle yet sticky melodic barbs. Driven by a dizzying arpeggio line and rolling disco groove, the title track “Tangerine Sky” is a great amalgamation of Blackbird Blackbird’s diverse influences.



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