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   Sometimes (Psychemagik Remix) Sleight of Hands
   Sometimes Sleight of Hands
   Seal the Deal Sleight of Hands


After a stellar appearance by Sleight of Hands at the Smoke N’ Mirrors showcase at BPM, we are excited and proud to release a new EP from the San Francisco based duo back on home ground. The “Sometimes" EP is made up of three tracks: two paramount originals and a masterful remix from Psychemagik.

“Sometimes” is ripe for the dance floor from the start. The track has 90’s melodic garage house sound with a modern chompy bassline to boot. Throw in some catchy lyrics plus the slightest touch of ragga for the slightest hint of nostalgia, and you’ve got a choice tune to keep a party grooving.

Psychmagik’s remix of “Sometimes” nails a catchy edge on the track with an especially dreamy intro that incites the inclination of a mellow, meditative number…then BOOM—in comes an Earth-shaking bassline, with the proper dance music sequence following in tow.

Imparting the feel of the group’s bass heavy background, the b-side cut “Seal The Deal” is a chugging percussion-and-synth-laced track with a truly special, unmistakable sound that ignites any party. Just a hint of feel-good female vocal samples paired with a rolling bassline creates perfectly-balanced dimension, designating “Seal the Deal” as a exceptional creation that captivates the ears and moves the feet upon every play.

We hope you’re ready for the Sleight of Hands “Sometimes” EP. Both modernly fresh and charmingly nostalgic, this is a sound we’ve been waiting for…and we don’t plan to stop listening any time soon.



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