Louis La Roche

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Song Title Artist
   Kaboom Louis La Roche
   Funk Trunk Skunk Louis La Roche


Kaboom’ explodes with house-y power chords, wow-wow filter sweeps, and classic chi-town-style vocals – all of which come together to create “a sound you just can’t describe”. By combining an old school house flavor with modern, driving energy and playful riffs, this track is a perfect mix of the timeless and the future-forward. ’Funk Trunk Skunk’ is aptly named; a funky jam with a bouncy Latin-esque beat that still holds true to La Roche’s fun vibes with those warm synth sounds that get you movin’. The perfect mix of raspy vocals and blaring horns, topped off with a passionate guitar breakdown, is enough to liven up any dance floor.



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