Om:cast 010 - James Curd (Child's Play Edition)

James Curd

Child’s Play is taking over the Om:Cast with Greenskeepers member, James Curd behind the DJ seat.

James Curd began his DJing career in Chicago when he was only fifteen years old. Being underage, Curd was snuck into events to play at raves and clubs he was not legally allowed in. He played along side some of electronic music’s most respected acts and DJs. Through his love of DJing and music Curd began to write and produce for himself. At nineteen Curd released his first track on the globally respected label “Basenotic” out of Paris. From there Curd created “Greenskeepers”, a name to represent himself and the wide range of music he wrote and the artists he collaborated with.

As “Greenskeepers” Curd released an array of music on Classic records. He made his mark on the dance music world by infusing swing music and Chicago house to invent the term G-Swing, being short for Greenskeepers Swing. Curd focused on G-Swing and started a label by that same name to feature this unique sound. Around this same time Curd also owned and operated two other record labels “Igloo” and “Greenskeepers Music”. Curd has released four full length albums under Greenskeepers, “Ziggy Franklin Radio Show”, “Pleetch”, “Polo Club” and most recently “Live Like You Want To Live”.

Curd has also had phenomenal individual success with releases on DFA, Drop, Child’s Play, OM, Ministry Of Sound, Aroma and Defected to name a few. With such a catalogue of music out, Curd was bound for wide success.

Curd continues to consistently release quality new music by pushing his sound while also staying true to his roots. With Curd anything and everything can be expected. Whether it’s Rockstar Games using his song for the “Grand Theft Auto 4” Ad campaign or his latest EP sitting at number one on Juno, you never know what to expect from the talented Curd or where his music might pop up.


The Temper Trap “Fader (Pivot Remix)”
Timewarp Inc “Back To The 60’s (Valique Down The Street Remix)”
Jam Funk “Fit The Shoe”
Colors Sound System “Yeah Mate I Hate (Manuel Sahagun Remix)”
Lindstrom & Christabelle “Baby Can’t Stop (Aeroplane Remix)”
Lorenz Rhode “Like A Player”
Crazy P presents Syndromes “The Hit (Inland Knights Remix)”
Andreas Henneberg / Simon 2 “Bolingo Gringo”
Jesse Rose “Night At The Dogs (Original mix)”
Mario Basanov “Do You Remember? (Arithmatix Remix)”
Phenomenal Handclap Band “15 To 20 (Den Haan Remix)”
David Coleman “Can’t Get Next To You”
In Flagranti “Ex Ex Ex (In Flagranti mix)”
Parov Stelar “Rock For (Club Version)”
Der Dritte Raum “Bob (Tanz Variante Remix)”
Something Ala Mode + Kflay “5am (James Curd Remix)”
Groove Armada “Warsaw (James Curd Remix)”
Mastiksoul “Miami”

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