Om:cast 032 Heidi Lawden - Hour of Power

Om:cast 032
Heidi Lawden – Hour of Power

“I realized recently that I first DJ’d around 19 years ago.  I played in London with DJ’s such as Danny Rampling and The Horsemeat Disco boys as well as some U.S legends such as Pal Joey and Tony Humphries.  After relocating to L.A I stepped away from DJing to focus on a music job by day. The lure of buying music and love of playing is not something that ever leaves you however, so I’m now thrilled to be building a loyal following Stateside and playing most weekends.  Excited would be an understatement when OM asked me for a mix, and in honor of the upcoming Smoke N’ Mirrors party I decided to do an uptempo mix of upfront music. I recorded it live in one take. SF crowds are super sophisticated and knowledgable, you better come prepared when you play there and with so many excellent local DJ’s I feel especially honored to be invited back. Next up I’m heading into the studio to make the kind of music that makes me dance all night long in the hopes it will make others do the same, and after the compliments I got for my vocals on Locussolus ‘Next To You’ I think I’ll step up to the mic too.” – Heidi

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