Shiny Objects - Robot Heart Mix

While I’ve made many early morning expeditions to Robot Heart, this was my first adventure playing the famous bus. It was a bespoke musical experience and a true honor to play and become part of the family. Dust storms had been blowing amok that night, so many parties had been cancelled; yet so many fabulous people came out to dance and make it an unforgettable party.

My sound explores the spaces between groovy & psychedelic. I always try to bring a deeper experience to the dance floor without taking things too seriously. I want people to experience a heightened connection with the music, but most importantly just laugh and have a good time. I hope that vibe shines through in this recording. Much love.

Track List:

1) Sascha Dive “Get Out of the Ghetto Blues (Woody Remix)
2) Manuel Tur “Acorado” (Will Saul & Tam Cooper Remix)
3) Craig Bratley “Beat the Drum” (Midnight Special Mix)
4) Tuccillo “Moon Mondule”
5) Shiny Objects & Galen “Sunday Freeze” (demo mix)
6) Jaceo “Faust” (Fabian Argomedo Remix)
7) Umek & Zeta Reticula “Maqaram”
8) PBR Streetgang “Suel Baril”
9) Shiny Objects “Belden Lights” (demo mix)
10) ZZ & Dashdot “Make You Mine’ (Trav & Volta Remix)
11) Josh Butler “I Was There” (Miguel Bastida Remix)
12) Laura Jones “Love In Me” (Maceo Plex Remix)
13) Shiny Objects “Flutter Vision”
14) German Brigante “Polvo Mañanero”
15) German Brigante & Thomas Gandey “Sooner or Later” (Olivier Giacomoto Remix)
16) Shiny Objects “The Unfolding Universe”
17) DJ Soch “Up & Down”
18) Shiny Objects “The Velvet Slide”
19) Alex Kid “The Dope”
20) IO “Cabaret”
21) Walker & Royce “A Perfect Sound”
22) Shiny Objects & Galen “The Purest Sound”
23) Aidan Lavelle “Solaris Nights”
24) Joeski “All by Myself”
25) Click | Click “Freak” (Wildkats Remix)

Photo credit: John Dill