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Our good friend and SF-based producer Justin Martin made his very first release on dirtybird records in 2005. Seven years later, he delivers his long-awaited debut artist album with the very same smile and fun loving attitude he’s had since the beginning. “Ghettos & Gardens” is exactly as advertised – a tender and tough collection of songs that build you up with sweeping strings, then break you down with earth shattering basslines. It’s sunsets vs. cyclones, roses vs. razors, and bunny rabbits vs. wolverines.

Maybe it’s the streets of San Francisco that made his music this way – a place where you can see a beautiful woman and a crippled homeless addict on the same city block. Maybe it’s the juxtaposition of the famous dirtybird Golden Gate park parties, where Justin’s loving parents make tacos and chop fresh salsa while total freaks lose their minds in front of the massive sound system. Not a whole lot of producers are just as influenced by E40 as they are by LTJ Bukem, and even fewer of them played the jazz saxophone in high school.

Whatever is going on, most people would say that Justin is one of the most charismatic likable DJs to walk the earth. In this album Justin demonstrates his unique ability to blur the lines between musical genres, taking us through beautiful melodies, UK basslines, moody funk and devastating drops. You can hear the meticulous produc- tion techniques in every track – from the slow Hip-Hop style of Hood Rich to the heavy duty low-end of Molokini. The whole thing is fresh and uplifting like the smell of ozone after a lightning strike. Ghettos & Gardens sounds like nothing else out there – it could not have come from anyone but Justin Martin.

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Justin’s Bandcamp

Ghettos & Gardens World Tour
May 02 – Santa Cruz @ Motiv
May 04 – LA @ Avalon
May 05 – Las Vegas @ Artisan
May 11 – San Francisco @ Mezzanine
May 19 – Pyramid Lake @ Symbiosis Festival
May 25 – Irvine @ Lightning in a Bottle Festival
May 26 – Detroit @ dirtybird
Jun 01 – Birmingham @ Rainbow Warehouse
Jun 02 – Manchester @ Sankeys
Jun 03 – Bristol @ Love Will Save the Night
Jun 09 – London @ Fabric
Jun 15 – Philadelphia @ Philadelphia Experiment
Jun 16 – Washington DC @ U Hall
Jun 20 – Boston @ Phoenix Landing
Jun 22 – Miami @ Electric Pickle
Jun 23 – Charlotte @ Dharma
Jun 29 – Atlanta @ Masquerade
Jun 30 – New Orleans @
Jul 01 – Toronto @ Keating Pub
Jul 06 – SF @ Monarch
Jul 13 – Kauaii @ Café Portofino
Jul 14 – Honolulu @ Asylum
Jul 20 – UK @ Secret Garden Festival
Jul 21 – Ibiza @ Sankeys
Jul 27 – Denver @ City Hall
Jul 28 – NYC @ Verboten
Aug 03 – SF @ dirtybird
Aug 04 – LA @ Hard Summer
Aug 05 – BC @ Basscoast Festival
Aug 10 – Portland @ Refuge
Aug 11 – Seattle @ Electric Tea Garden
Aug 17 – Albuquerque @ Effex Nightclub
Aug 18 – El Paso @ Lowbrow Palace
Aug 24 – Grand Rapids @ Bass Camp
Aug 25 – Dallas @ It’ll Do Discotech
Aug 31 – Edmonton @ Level 2
Sep 01 – Rouyn-Noranda @ Emerging Music Festival
Sep 02 – Chicago @ North Coast Music Festival afterparty
Sep 03 – Montreal @ Piknic Electronic / dirtybird BBQ
Sep 07 – Paris @ Social Club
Sep 08 – UK @ Bestival
Sep 09 – Ibiza @ Space
Sep 15 – Barcelona @ Lolita
Sep 22 – London @ Bugged Out

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London-based house producer Maya Jane Coles has been quickly climbing to the top of the House Music world, and for good reason; from remixing A-list artists from Little Dragon and MK, to being hailed as “breakthrough DJ of 2011” by Pete Tong, to contributing to institutions like BBC’s Essential Mix, her rise to prominence has been well-earned, and not to mention, impressive to watch. Recently, the pint-sized power-house released her first commerical mix CD for DJ-Kicks.

“I wanted [the DJ Kicks mix] to showcase my diversity,” says Coles. “I don’t just do one thing and I wanted it to reflect that. Most of the mixes I’ve put out there so far have been house based, but I also produce stuff under the Nocturnal Sunshine monicker, which is more two-step/bass influenced stuff. This mix evolved into something that wasn’t just four-to-the-floor.

This eclectic mix is a contemplative journey through a multitude of tracks that span across the sonic landscape, enticing you with pretty trilling chimes, rumbling basslines and everything in between. Starting out with the muted synth chords and broken post-garage beats of ‘Loqux & Past’ by Deft, the mix gradually acquires a more rhythmic weight, care of tracks such as ‘In My Cocoon’ by Bozwell. Coles’s own ‘Not Listening’ is a driving cut built on a pounding yet melodic groove and exclusive to this DJ-Kicks mix. Another Coles exclusive, ‘Meant To Be’, (this time in her Nocturnal Sunshine guise) marks the transition to a more shuffle-y, two-step-influenced passage. Coles’ 22-track mix is genre-spanning, and yet, is unified by the earthy and hyper-sensory sound that has brought Coles to the heights at which she now stands.

As this mix proves, Maya Jane Coles is a true source of heat and light in an otherwise over-saturated, dreary musical landscape. Since Coles’ star is only just beginning to peak up over the horizon, we know we can expect more of her light to shine upon us in the near future – especially since she is currently in the process of making a full-length album! We can’t wait :) Don’t miss Maya on her world tour!

Buy the mix now on itunes or beatport
Read more about the mix here at the DJ-Kicks site

Maya’s 2012 World Tour Dates

23/05/12 – Stereo – Montreal, Canada
24/05/12 – Monarch – San Francisco, USA
25/05/12 – Morgan – Brooklyn, New York, USA
26/05/12 – TBA – Detroit, USA
27/05/12 – Detroit Movement Fest – Detroit, USA
01/06/12 – Big Beach Boutique – Brighton, UK
02/06/12 – Field Day – London, UK
03/06/12 – Love Saves The Day – Bristol, UK
04/06/12 – Evolution Festival – Newcastle, UK
10/06/12 – Parklife Festival – Manchester, UK
16/06/12 – Sonar Festival – Barcelona, Spain
28/06/12 – Hove Festival – Arendal, Norway
30/06/12 – Hideout Festival – Novalja, Croatia
08/07/12 – T In The Park – Balado, Kinross, UK
13/07/12 – Melt! Festival – Ferropolis, Germany
15/07/12 – Benicassim 2012 – Spain
29/07/12 – Camp Bestival – Dorset, UK
11/08/12 – Loveland 2012 – Amsterdam, Netherlands
07/09/12 – Bestival – Isle of Wight, UK

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Meet Shiny Objects. His unique blend of deep, techy house will distract you from all things in your life that are not fabulous. With tracks full of fat basslines and splashes of disco, his music will shine like a mirrorball on the dancefloor. The San Francisco native has been making music since 1994 and is the founder of the nu-disco label “Smoke n’ Mirrors.” His newest single “Just Fabulous” drops today exclusively on Beatport.

The release features the track “Just Fabulous” and three diverse remixes from producers whose unique sounds span the aural landscape. The original track will seduce you with its sexy, deep bassline and dark vocals that never let you forget just how “sensational” you really are. The luscious synths build gradually and are accented with dreamy trills and a dash of afro flavor; this loungey, airy vibe sets the perfect stage for a catchy 303 loop. Prepare to be lured to the dance floor.

The Eats Everything remix takes the original even deeper and with it’s super-low Bristolian bassline. Eats brings his own distinctive sound to the track with high-hats that snap and clap over some ultra-funky, bouncing bass. Even the “just fabulous” acapella gets special focus from this UK producer.

Thugfucker, one of the vanguards of the ‘new deep house’ movement, bring you an appropriately deep’n’dark version of the original, whose relentlessly thumping bassline is countered by subtle, glittering chord progressions. This remix takes “Just Fabulous” deep underground, rubs it raw, and delivers it back to us in a package that is, well, just fabulous!

The Adnan Sharif remix jets the original into the stratosphere, pitching the track up for a little inter-stellar energy boost. As the original bassline grooves it’s way through a chamber of echoes and filters, a lone Spanish guitar plucks out the main hook, adding some serious Latin spice to the original.

Buy now digitally on BEATPORT
Buy the vinyl now on JUNO

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San Francisco’s Miguel Migs is a man of many, many talents. A respected house DJ, producer, musician, and remixer and even ambassador for Absolute Vodka, Migs has worked with some of the biggest names in popular music, including Britney Spears, Macy Gray, and Lionel Ritchie, and still finds time to produce his own solo material.

Soon to be released are the remixes of his single “Tonight”, taken from his highly acclaimed ‘Outside the Skyline’ album. The “Tonight” remix treatments showcase the sublime and delicate vocals of Meshell Ndegeocello with a tasty array of quality interpretations from Crazy P, Fred Everything, James Dexter and Wildkats.

Crazy P drops a funky filtered bassline accentuated by a lush and moody breakdown section, layering warm pads and subtle horn stabs.

Fred Everything brings the deep house heat catering respectfully to Meshells dreamy vocal with layers of smooth and effective chords.

James Dexter stays true to the original version by using the main ingredients while giving it a more accessible, deep-disco dance floor appeal.

Wildkats explore a darker, more stripped-down dimension on their rework by flipping the timing of the vocal pocket while a squelching bassline fills in the gaps.

Release date: May 15, 2012

Miguel Migs’ Official Page
Om Records Official Page

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Our newest Om:Cast, number twenty-eight of the series, is now up!
Enjoy this mix by Marques Wyatt recorded Live at “Deep” in San Francisco.

Marques Wyatt, a seminal pioneer of Deep House music, is an integral artist on the Om Records roster. In the mid ‘90s, at a time when the shape shifting of house music was rarely heard outside Chicago and New York, Marques introduced the East coast sound to his native Los Angeles. In the ensuing years, his prowess as a talented DJ, promoter, and producer earned him recognition as one of the most sought-after artists in the genre, domestically and internationally.

In 1998, he began organizing epic weekly parties culminated in his weekly institution, “Deep,” which continues to thrive today as an internationally esteemed sanctuary for house music lovers. Several of the finest musicians have performed at “Deep,” such as: Timmy Regisford of Shelter, David Morales, Ben Watt of Everything but the Girl, Dimitri from Paris, Mark Farina, Miguel Migs, and of course Louie Vega, who plays multiple times per year. Marques uses the vast popularity of the event as a springboard for charity and social awareness via DeepCares, a non-profit division of “Deep” that organizes and sponsors purpose-driven events benefiting different facets of local and global communities.

Channeling a spiritual depth cultivated through meditation, prayer and yoga practice, Marques continues to spread the gospel of house music as an evangelist of music and “Deep” culture by globe-trotting everywhere from Los Angeles to New York, Shanghai to Barcelona and Tel Aviv to Dubai with the mission to bring musical unity and light to all souls in his pathway. This Om:cast was recorded live from a recent “Deep” show held in San Francisco.

>> Find the podcast here! <<
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Crazy P is viewed as one of the best live dance acts around and have been since they formed back in 1996. Their new album ‘When We On’ is being hailed by many critics as their best yet. Voted “Best Dance Album” by iTunes and hailed as “one of the albums of the year” by Mixmag, ‘When We On’ sees Crazy P blending their love of the dancefloor with beautifully crafted songs – all of which they recently brought to Koko’s gorgeous stage just this past March.

We are delighted to announce that the British dance band recorded their live performance at Koko and will be releasing it as a CD, titled ‘When We Live.’ This recording is an exclusive collector’s item with only a limited number being released and each CD being uniquely numbered. So, don’t miss out on your chance to own this little piece of music history!


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“Ghettos & Gardens” is the first single from Justin Martin’s debut artist album on dirtybird records. The title describes the way this track rises up with beautiful sweeping melodies, almost to the point where you want to kiss the person next to you. But this epic euphoria can only last so long- it peaks with a bassline so tough, it’ll push you down a staircase, and then steal your bus pass.

“Hood Rich” starts with a cascade of voices tumbling over each other, clamoring for attention on the way to the club. Those bold proclamations give way to the melodious tones of a string ensemble that would be welcome in Yo-Yo Ma’s living room. And that’s just the first minute. All niceties aside, a hive of bass bees smashes against the far wall and explodes, leaving no doubt that every booty will be dropping like DAMN.

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Some Feedback…

Annie Mac – “I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Justin Martin is an incredible producer!!”
Soulwax (Steve) – “GREAT TRACKS!!!! Excellent work Justin!!”

Renaissance Man - “Hood Rich baby!! Super track!”

Jaymo – (BBC Radio 1) – “Dance music producers and albums often don’t work out… but fuck me, Justin’s smacked this one. Absolute love!!"

Till von Sein - “Ghettos & Gardens… M O N S T E R J A M!!! Goddamnit this is sick! Cant wait to drop it…. thx”

Chris Woodward - (Buzzin Fly) – “A master act in club bangers!! Ghettos & Gardens is my big fave.”

Riva Starr - “Daz fat indeed, superb release loving the sweet melodies and the deep bass this will cause damage in the clubz 100% guaranteed!”

Tom Findlay – (Groove Armada) – “Both trax as brilliant as you’d expect from him. Hood Rich turns into something quite amazing!”

ZDAR - (Cassius) – "Yo dirtybird! Justin is one of the ones for me since 2/3 years ago when i got his incredible remix for “Magnificient” and played it in every gig possible. Ghettos and Gardens is following the way of this music his doing, music so sweet/beautyful and rough at the same time. For this I salute you like a maniac…. Whiplash! thanks."

Oliver $ - “Love it!!! Full support for Justin martin!!!! Ghettos & Gardens is in the wallet!”

Ben Westbeech - “Been CANING Hood Rich. Get’s a rewind everytime i play it. SO BIG Love it so much. Glad i got a mastered one to play now/// Heard Hood rich in Justins house. SO good too. RZA meets Metro area meets Big J MARTY LOOOOOOVE LOOOOOVE LOOOOOOVE a lot of love for this obviously.”

Lukas - (EARMILK) – “Excited for this album, this is going to be so big for dirtybird!”Axel Boman – “Beats for your mind and your feet" as Mc Conrad would have put it some 10 years ago. I totally love it! Very much! Especially Ghettos & Gardens. 100% will play support and dance.”

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There’s only one Om Lounge. With over 150,000 units sold to date, Om’s perennial downtempo series has been one of the biggest heavy-hitters in the world of lounge compilations for over a decade. This forward-thinking downtempo series now returns for it’s twelfth edition, featuring Om artists old and new, a wide selection of originals and remixes all for your grooving pleasure.

The tracks on this release are diverse, yet the multi-genre’d mix flows beautifully across the musical landscape and creates the perfect lounging vibe that only Om could curate: a classic deep house sound is kept current thanks to Miguel Migs’ “Close Your Eyes” (Osunlade’s Yoruba Soul Mix) and Soulstice’s "Love Cliché (Nightmares on Wax remix). The modern movement of post-dubby jams are represented with Edit Murphy’s “Need You” and Landslide’s “Dig Deeper (Throwing Snow Remix)”. And of course, always staying true to their San Francisco roots, Om has hometown-heroes Lance DiSardi and Blackbird Blackbird add their special Bay Area flavor to this well-rounded release.

Available world-wide on 4/17/12

>> Pre-order today on Amazon HERE <<

Listen to samples of some of the tracks on our Soundcloud
Om Lounge, Vol. 12 [Preview] by OmRecords

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Following the explosive return of Grammy award-winning trio, Dirty Vegas, with 2011’s ‘Electric Love’, the trio offer a blazing set of remixes of ‘Emma’, one of the standout tracks of the album. This release features remixes from Fred Falke, Tim Goldsworthy, Black Strobe, and Pezzner.

This compilation of remixes span across flavors and influences, and the notable group of remixers come together to deliver a solidly-represented release: Fred Falke’s other recent remixes include Little Boots, U2, The Gossip, Grizzly Bear, Lykke Li, La Roux, Metronomy and more. Tim Goldsworthy is the producer of UNKLE, The Rapture, Hercules & Love Affair, Cut Copy, Phoenix and has collaborated with Massive Attack and James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem. Black Strobe and Pezzner both Top 5 artists on Beatport. Black Strobe has repeatedly charted on Juno Download as a #1 artist. Preview all of the tracks on our soundcloud, listen to the full tracks on our youtube, and download them from beatport!

Dirty Vegas – Emma (Remixes) [Preview] by OmRecords

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Fred Falke Remix

Tim Goldworthy Remix

Pezzner Remix

Black Strobe Remix

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One of the hottest tracks from Crazy P’s stellar 2011 album, “When We On”, receives a re-imagination from a host of big name producers & DJs. The collection represents a handful of diverse electronic sounds and vibes, and not a single one disappoints! Remixes by Mario Basanov (Needwant, Future Classic), Appleblim (Aus Music), Fernando and Crazy P’s very own Hot Toddy.

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