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It’s really interesting when you can watch and artist continue to push the boundaries of their sound. James Curd is that artist to us. James has been putting tracks out on his Greenskeepers Music label for years, but nothing quite like this new single.

On these new tracks James Curd conjures up Daft Punk, Digitalism, Shit Robot, but never looses his GK style.

Click Here To Download James Curd “In With The Old, In With The New” Pre-released Exclusively at Juno Download.

Listen: James Curd “Got To Have”

Listen: James Curd “Can You Get It”

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All I have to say is “Sick!”.


Two distinct LA flavors that taste great together!

A few weeks back when we were sitting around fantasizing who in Los Angeles we’d want to collaborate for our recurring series, Tune in an Afternoon, we pretty quickly came up with Dam-Funk and Nite Jewel. When we contacted them, it turned out they were fans of each other and had been looking for an excuse to collaborate. It was decided that Nite Jewel would produce and that their favorite store, LA’s Future Music, would serve as the afternoon’s launching pad. From there, things just got creepy.

You can download the tune for free at Here

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Sade drops her first single in over a decade. “Soldier of Love” is the highly anticipated first single off Sade’s new album of the same name – their first in a decade. Co-produced with Mike Pela, “Soldier of Love” was written by Sade, along with her four band-members Andrew Hale, Stuart Matthewman and Paul Spencer Denman. The track features a pulsating, anthemic drum beat, and Sade’s signature haunting vocals. Her new album drops on Epic in Feb 2010. The single has hit the blogsphere. Get it here at Nah Right.

It was only a year ago that Portishead dropped their last album. Prior to that album, the group spent years on hiatus. So, with that said, to put our a new single so quickly is rather impressive for them. The new single is a benefit single for Amesty International. Portishead “Chase The Tear” is available for download and stream here.

Bring on the bootleg remixes!

Listen To Sade vs. Captain Crook “Soldier of Love”Download This Bootleg Remix at Dudiefree

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Today’s Top Tune is a free song a day, from KCRW’s all Music Channel, that represents a cross section of KCRW’s eclectic music format. Tracks selected are chosen from recent and upcoming releases as well as songs performed live on Morning Becomes Eclectic. Each song will be available for download and podcast.

DJ and remixer James Curd is the main man behind Greenskeepers. His new solo EP, The Wills and the Wonts is full of whimsical and danceable tracks including the title track and Today’s Top Tune, “The Wills and the Wonts”.

Download the track for FREE at

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The homeys over at Vimby spent the day w/ PUTS in SF documenting this little slice of life. Check out the freestyle footage at the Om studio, stage diving antics at Slim’s and some real talk about being a rap artist these days. Enjoy! PS_Dig on the photo from Guigo Lima taken backstage in Brazil.

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Hot Toddy is the solo moniker of Chris Todd. You may better know him for his work as a member of Crazy P (Crazy Penis). Chris has been writing music as Hot Toddy for as long as Crazy P(enis) has been around.

His new single on Eskimo Records features friend, Ron Basejam. “I Need Love” is a hypnotizing 100 bpm track, slowly working its magic on you with vocals, keys, and synths all perfectly spaced. There is also a remix from one of my all time favorites, Morgan Geist.

Hot Toddy
is putting together the final touches to his artist album for a 2010 release on Om.

Click Here To Purchase Hot Toddy “I Need Love” From Beatport

Listen To Hot Toddy Feat. Ron Basejam “I Need Love”

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In a glum 21st Century epoch of economic crisis, political unrest and nuclear menace, it is perhaps unsurprising that the style of music most feted for its pure, unadulterated sense of fun has crept its way, with a side-step shuffle and a double handclap, back onto dance-floors across the globe.

As melody replaces minimal as the buzz du jour, it is the dancing that once again takes centre stage leaving the uber-koolische backs slumped forlorn against the wall.

We are, of course, talking about D.I.S.C.O..

While some might argue that disco has never truly been away –hip-hop and house producers in particular have long plundered its resources to furnish their sample-laden oeuvre– surely the glitter-ball hasn’t shone as brightly over a scene since its infamous ‘demolition’ in 1979 as it has over the last two years.

Despite often being saddled with the annoyingly constricted ‘nu’ prefix, contemporary disco is a deceptively broad school encompassing a variety of quirky sub-genres. Whether your proverbial flavour is breezy balearica, irreverent italo or butt-shaking boogie, you can find it all down at the (nu) Discotheque.

In celebration of this musical renaissance we have profiled and interviewed some of disco’s brightest new stars. Clap-clap.

Read the Full Article Including Interviews with Daniel Wang, Lindstrom, Aeroplane, Horse Meat Disco and many more at

Source: Beatportal

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After becoming one of the most downloaded tracks ever on, Colette drops the full single for “Think You Want It”. The first lady of Om (how many times has this phrased been used? ), enlists Pezzner, Sexual Chocolate, and Hanssen for remix duty.

Pezzner, busy working on his album for Freerange Records, gives us one of the stand out remixes on the single. Moody, deep, spacey, and heavily layered with cut-up vocals, claps, bass, and everything else we have come to love about Pezzner.

Sexual Chocolate delivers a Chicago fidget inspired version of the track that i’m sure you will hear in Colette’s DJ sets. Perhaps the most surprising remix is from Hanssen, who takes the track and Colette in a completely new direction!

Watch The Music Video For “Think You Want It” Here

See Colette’s “No H8 Campaign” Photo – Click Here

Get the single on December 1st at all digital retailers.

Listen To Colette “Think You Want It (Pezzner Remix)”

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